Reserve Your Seat

All students are required to make a Security Deposit in the amount of $25.00 to ensure the student will be reserving their seat number for the next upcoming class. The initial deposit will cover the student seat and all required documentation as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety / Private Security Bureau.
Your deposit will reflect to your total remaining balance. The student will need to pay off the remaining balance before Magnum Security Force Training Academy issues the student Certificate.
Before proceeding to our Registration Process, please be aware that once you have submitted your deposit there will be “NO REFUNDS”. We ask all individuals who are registering for the class, if you know that you will not attending we ask that you “DO NOT” proceed with the registration process.

All attendees must have but not limited:

  • 50 Rounds of Ammunition (Purchase from MSF Training Academy or Academy Store)
  • Firearm (If not available Rental Fee $15.00)

Terms & Conditions: I the Card Holder understands that once I process my debit/credit transaction I will not be issued a refund. I authorized “Magnum Security Force” to process my security deposit on the behalf of “Magnum Security Force Training Academy”. I am aware that I may call in at anytime to change my class participation date. I am also aware that my total price for the course of the class “DOES NOT” include the 50 rounds of ammunition & the State of Texas cost registering for my license. I am aware that the cost of my course at Magnum Security Force Training Academy and the Texas Department of Public Safety fee is a complete separate charge. I have read the terms and conditions and will proceed to my registration process.